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Our answers to some of your questions

You are preparing your next stay in this beautiful region of Limpopo … and you certainly have questions.
We have found that a lot comes back regularly … which is why we have designed these frequently asked questions page to help you in your preparation.
It is certainly not exhaustive … so do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to provide you with further details …

Weather in Hoedspruit area

Summer season extends from November to March, it is also the rainy season. The rains are usually short in time but can be very intense. It is also the season when very beautiful lightnings may illuminate the sky. Thanks to these rains, the bush vegetation is beautifully green and the rivers level is very high . Winter, from May to September is a drier period , the temperatures can be fresh in the morning and in the evening. The bush is less dense, less green and this facilitates the observation of animals … In fact, each of these two seasons has its particularity and is worth discovering …

The electrical plugs

The voltage is different in South Africa, it is 230 Volts. Therefore, the sockets are also different (three-pin). But don’t worry, we have electrical adapters in each of our bedrooms and also in the living room . You will therefore have no trouble recharging your mobile phones and cameras so precious for your safari and outdoor adventures .

Malaria risk

The town of Hoedspruit is considered to be at low risk for malaria. As for the level of risk in Kruger Park, it depends greatly on the region where you are traveling and the moment of your stay.. The basic advice, use mosquito repellent and wear pants, shirt and long-sleeved T-shirt. In addition, we advise you to take advice from your doctor about preventive drugs.

Restaurants, Partners, Emergency numbers,

After your arrival at the lodge, we will provide you with a detailed address book.
Don’t be worried , whether you unfortunately have a medical problem or want to organize an activity (Safari, Panorama route, etc.), you will find the contact (with a whapsapp / Signal / Messenger number) that you can contact with the internet available at lodge.
The best addresses in the vibrant city of Hoedspruit (Restaurant, Crafts, etc.) will also be included.
No worries either if you want, for example, to have vegetables delivered to you or even have a private chef.

Respecting flora and fauna, the right attitude in the HWE.

In Hoedspruit Wildlife estate, you will enjoy a sensitive natural area that must be protected.
To preserve this wonderful ecosystem, littering is prohibited
Likewise, interactions with wild animals should be limited.
Look at them, Admire them but keep your distance and above all never feed them.
Do not walk at night because dangerous animals (predators) still manage to cross the secure fence of the estate and are particularly active at night (Hyenas, Lycaons and leopards are quite regularly spotted ) .
No fear of daylight, no incidents have been reported since the creation of this estate.
A little anecdote about the magnificent leopard: No fence can stop it, when you see some bushes in South Africa, you always have the possibility of having a leopard around .

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