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Proud warthog from Hoespruit wildlife estate

Welcome to the Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate

Hoedspruit Wildlife estate (HWE) covers more than 600 ha of which 80 are exclusively intended for the Greenbelt , that is to say an area without habitation and covered by typical vegetation called bush. While strolling in this Greenbelt, you will be in a preserved and wild ecosystem representative of South Africa. The properties are built on large land (over 5,000 m² for more tranquility and privacy . No fencing between them which means that the animals that inhabit the HWE can move freely inside it.
During your walks in the HWE greenbelt, you will be able to spot animals such as Impalas , Giraffes , Waterbucks , Kudus , Wildebeest… but also emblematic trees such as the Marula or the Tamboti
The iconic animal of HWE is the warthog … you will come across it often .. At the lodge, you will be awakened in the morning by the songs of birds (Hornbills , Francolin , Woodpeckers , .. ) and perhaps you will be surprised to see a zebra or a duiker walking in front of one of your room sliding doors .
The HWE is a concentrate of South African nature and a magnificent playground. This page is dedicated to this magnificent place. A gallery dedicated to the flora and fauna of our estate awaits you at the bottom of this page. Come with me, I will introduce you to the HWE.
Hoedspruit wildlife estate map with the Greenbelt trails , the Dams and bird hide and the location of Gem in the bush lodge

The dams

Three dams are located inside the greenbelt, . These are real refuges for the birds of the bush (Ibis, kingfisher, fishing eagle, heron …). Be patient, and you will be able to admire them in the hides built next to these dams . Then , Do not miss the Hamerskop dam, the Heron dam and the Fish eagle dam. Undoubtedly, these are essential crossing points for “Bird lovers” ….. Below, a gallery for you to discover these dams and the viewpoints from the hides ..

Use HWE greenbelt for sports and outdoor activities

HWE is perfect for a bike ride ….
Indeed , In addition to the main trails, the Estate offers dedicated trails that will allow you to go deeper into the bush.
Moreover,it is easy to hire mountain bikes in Hoedspruit town. Don’t hesitate to ask us if you want to enjoy this bike trails .
But perhaps you will choose to discover the Greenbelt of our Estate on foot … walking or jogging … it’s up to you to choose your pace ……
You may also book a guided tours that will allow you to learn a lot of things about the flora and fauna of the bush ….
There are definitely a lot of possibilities to train in this beautiful piece of nature .The photos in the gallery below will give you a glimpse of the natural wonders you are about to discover.

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