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Our lodge, ideally located close to the greenbelt of the Hoedspruit Wildlife estate , will allow you to immerse yourself in the South African bush while being very close to the heart of the vibrant city of Hoedspruit(Limpopo province , South africa).Through the Orpen gate , you will have easy access to the Kruger Park, one of the most impressive animal reserves in the world. The geological wonders, the waterfalls, the breathtaking landscapes of the kruger canyon region are waiting for you. The lodge is located in front of one of the entrances to the famous greenbelt of our estate. Therefore ,you will easily enter this preserved ecosystem … Many tracks will allow you a real immersion in the South African bush. You will be able to go to the discovery of this nature by walking and thus taking the time for beautiful animal photos but also emblematic trees of the bush (Rooisbos, Tamboti, Marula, Leadwood,….).
Come on, let’s go for a virtual tour of our lodge and the surrounding area ….
From the pool deck, the roof top , you can admire the wonders, each day different, that the bush will offer you. From the lodge, on foot or by bike, you can easily explore the estate’s greenbelt where you will come across emblematic animals of the bush such as the Kudu, the zebra, the giraffe or the impala … Thus, you will discover the indescribable sensation of being very close to the wildlife .
Everything is planned with us so that you can relax after your days full of discovery ….. Maybe you will feel like sipping a drink after taking a dip in our swimming pool surrounded by beautiful Marula trees . Some of our rooms (Tamboti and Rooibos) have a private garden where a private lounge awaits you …. Yet another option and not the least .. Take to the skies by opting for our shaded rooftop where an outdoor lounge awaits you .
Don’t miss the opportunity to experience one of the most representative customs of South Africa, the Braai (South African Barbecue) in our spacious Boma . For you , the lively discussions around the fire and under a starry sky .
Relax … You have just arrived in a gem ….. Better than words, Embark on a virtual tour of our lodge thanks to the gallery below.

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